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The Hive Monthly Events

What they are, how they help, and when to join!

The Hive has been growing like crazy lately, and we are so excited to see so many new dyslexic faces ready to end their toxic relationship with Dyslexia! We thought it was about time we sat down and walked through each of the events we host throughout the month and when you should expect them! If you are not a Hive member but want to learn more about joining, click HERE!

Dyslexia Master Class

Second Tuesday of Every Month

Each month we start by learning about Dyslexia! The Dyslexia Master Class is a chance for us to hear from industry professionals, dyslexia advocates, scientists, researchers, and educators (to name a few of the types of people we hear from). We cover a wide range of topics one-month Natalie might walk us through how our working memory works, then the next month, we might be hearing from Helen Fleming of Dyslexia Scotland (Hive members have access to past recordings).

In these sessions, we work to understand our Dyslexia better, how it affects us, and some practical things we can do to manage it.

Dyslexia Discussed

Third Wednesday of Every Month

We love talking about all things Dyslexia, and early on, we realized the power of talking about our shared experiences! Being dyslexic can feel isolating, especially after making dyslexic mistakes like putting in a tablespoon of salt to a cake that only needed a teaspoon (100% we did that last week).

The Dyslexia Discussed sessions are a chance for hive members to talk to each other in a safe space! Topics range from "how do you manage overwhelming holiday planning?" to "what is a time when your dyslexia made you go above and beyond?".

Dyslexia in Adults is lucky to have a global audience, so for our Dyslexia Discussed sessions, we host two different meeting times (one for the UK and one for the US). We don't record these sessions, so the only way to access them is to join in live!

Dyslexia Spotlight

Last Monday of Every Month

One of our biggest pet peeves is that the only dyslexic people we ever hear about are famous. Like we get it, Albert Einstein had Dyslexia, but most of us are not in the same league as him! So we decided to start the Dyslexia Spotlight series! Each month we have one of our community members talk to us about their dyslexic journey, strengths, and perspective. We have heard from some incredible people who we 100% relate to! Hive Members get access to recordings of these events; non-members can see all the spotlight recaps blogs!

We also have a robust resource hub full of amazing videos, educational guides, and exclusives just for Hive members! If you are not a Hive member, don't worry! Each week we create at least one blog to share with anyone who can or isn't ready to join us! If you want more info, check out THIS page!

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