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Together we can learn to understand, manage and, yes, harness our dyslexia!


Its Time



To think about the challenges and frustrations of dyslexia



To hide struggles and be silently crushed by their weight 


To dismiss your strengths as something everyone can do

Now it's easy to navigate your challenges

and harness dyslexic strengths

Our toolkit

Which helps you

Stop struggling in silence

Access to a WhatsApp group of local adults with dyslexia. A safe space to share your highs and lows, your frustrations and celebrations, to ask for and share advice and experiences

Harness your strengths

Strengths aren’t just for celebs. Each month, we showcase a community member, and they talk about the positives associated with their dyslexia, so you can see your strengths as consistently as you see your shortcomings.

Advice that works

During our monthly masterclasses, we deep-dive into a topic to empower you and help you to understand yourself. We’re regularly joined by guest speakers who are experts in their field.

Navigate life your way

Practical advice, resources, and tools so you can try out new coping strategies or just nerd out on your dyslexic brain.

Giving you the toolkit for adult dyslexia. 

Dyslexia in Adults Natalie

Time to change

Does this sound like you?

Hive Member

I can’t see the benefits of dyslexia in myself. I think I am too focused on the struggle and 36 years of believing I’m stupid


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