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Dyslexia and ADHD Coaching

12 weeks of high-touch personalised support to help you reach your potential in your career. 

  Dyslexia & ADHD doesn't have to be a struggle  



Civil Servant






Health and Saftey

Our Unique Approach

Imagine if dyslexia & ADHD made you feel smart, not useless.

In this high-touch 12 week container you will...

Learn how to recognise and nurture your dyslexic talents and enhanced thinking skills, instead of constantly feeling like you are battling against them at work. 

 We teach the tools and guidance to help you: 




Strategies to deal with your specific dyslexic challenges in your day-to-day job. So you can stop the Sunday scaries and be excited for Monday's meetings. 




What school told you 'can't' do and say goodbye to feeling stupid, so you can go for that job that you told yourself you weren't capable of doing




By your brain's potential because you are no longer fighting an uphill battle of task you find exhausting. Leading your boss to appreciate your unique thinking seeing your dyslexia as an asset to the team

We work across a wide selection of careers and challenges

Building systems with dyslexia is simpler than you think, there is no career that we can't excel in. 

Within your coaching package:

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 The Hive Membership: 

6 months of access to The Hive is my membership and community of dyslexic adults. Included because of the value of community to drive real change.

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 12 x 1:1 Hourly calls: 

All calls are weekly and within UK and US hours. The topics are personalised and structured around your needs and goals. 

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Edmund, Doctor

Working with Natalie ended my overwhelmingly negative view of my dyslexia. She gave me clarity on what parts of my daily experience are influenced by dyslexia. Our sessions allowed me to trust my brain and have given me the insights to move confidently in my professional and personal life.

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Abi, Office Manager

The coaching sessions with Natalie have just been life-changing, being able to talk to someone who understands your brain has made my working life so much easier. Being given tools that make sense and actions that you can apply to your every day life, has helped me on the start of this new journey, and I feel ready to take on the challenges of life and really create a successful career.


Ronan, CFO

Coaching is the most effective way to develop oneself, so I would encourage any Dyslexic brain type who is either unsatisfied with work or not reaching their full potential to tap into Natalie's experience and understanding of all things Dyslexia, her coaching offers exceptional value. And Natalie is much more than a coach; she's on a mission

Hello Im Natalie

I am so excited to meet you.


I was the first client of Dyslexia in Adults, I started the business for myself. I was exactly where you are now. Struggling, alone and frustrated with my brain. 

What you need to know about me as a coach, I don't want to work extra hours because I'm dyslexic.

I am incredibly ambitious and want to be successful and feel like my brain is capable and valued by my peers.

So that is what informs my approach.

How do you work smarter, so that you can feel smarter.

I am an accredited coach, for neurodiverse adults. 

Executive functions are the root of many neurodiverse struggles.

What is really possible:

✅ No more stressing over your Monday morning check-in meeting because you are ahead on your to-do list and have a system to catch any forgotten tasks. 

✅ You actually value your dyslexic strengths because you have learnt to communicate your ideas smoothly and clearly. Even in the meeting with your scary senior managers. 

✅ You leave work on time because you start tasks on time, instead of 1 hour scrolling on TikTok before every task. Meaning you are no longer permanently exhausted. 

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Funding for workplace coaching 

A significant number of workplaces fund neurodiversity coaching through dedicated development funds or conversations with supportive managers. 

We also accept accept Access to Work grants (UK govt Scheme)

Ready to get Started?


Bespoke packages are available on request. 
We accept Access to Work Grants.

First step is to book in a free 15 min call

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