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I'm Natalie
Founder of Dyslexia in Adults

Is dyslexia your superpower - 
Or does that make you want to puke?

If you're really honest, have you ever considered yourself superpowered? or would you be more likely to use... failure, stupid or useless? 

The problem is you're trying to fit someone else's definition of 'normal'. You need to take a step back and rediscover what works for you. 

Your dyslexia isn't going away. You don't need to 'get over it' - you need to find solutions that work for you and start tapping into what makes you different. 

I felt so alone and frustrated, only finding resources for children. I thought, I should have got over dyslexia. 

I cant take away your Dyslexia 

I can stop you feeling useless and help you 'harness dyslexia'

I know that moment when you've made a mistake and your boss noticed. I know that you want the world to swallow you up. I know it isn't about one mistake that makes you feel like a failure. 

I felt, stupid and incapable of ever feeling 'good enough' 

I felt, terrified that I was going to be caught out as an improster

I felt, that I had no idea how to find what worked for me

No matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to succeed. I thought I had to accept I was useless even thought, deep down, I knew there was more to me. 

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