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Dyslexic Spotlight Hannah

Learning the strengths of Hive Members

Every month we host a Dyslexic Spotlight where we ask a community member to tell us about their dyslexic strengths! The goal is to help our community see their strengths through others like them.

This month we spoke with the very talented Hannah from Canada! Hanna is the owner of her successful marketing firm! One of our favorite Hanna quotes from the event is:

“Remember when you walk into a room, if you know even the slightest bit more than the others there, that means you are an expert.”

Three strengths we learned from Hannah:

  1. There is nothing we can not learn when we learn in a way that works for us.

  2. We have the unique ability to see the big picture. We see all the parts of a process.

  3. Those with dyslexia can interpret a complex/disjoined topic and repeat them in terms that others can understand.

Thanks again so much to Hannah for being January’s Dyslexia Spotlight!

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