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Stop Dyslexic Mistakes with Tech

Tech you need to make little mistakes disappear!

Do you make mistakes? Fun fact we all do! As dyslexics, those mistakes can feel abnormally HUGE compared to those around us. Managing your dyslexia is finding the right tools and systems to mitigate those mistakes. Here are our top 3 tips (and a handful of software) to help you notice errors!

Text to Audio Software

We are huge fans of text-to-audio software. As dyslexics, we tend to take in large sums of information better via listening.

Softwares we love:

Bonis Tip:

Reading along while you listen can drastically improve your retention, decrease tension, and help develop better reading skills.

Voice to Text Software

Bet you are no stranger to having a tired brain! Writing as a dyslexic can be genuinely arduous. Constantly slowing your brain down to write at the same speed your brain is moving. UGH, it's awful. Using voice-to-text software is a guaranteed way to lighten your mental load.

Softwares we LIVE by:

  • Voice to Text (most cell phones have this built-in natively)

  • Enterprise Level Software (Dragon Professional is our favorite, note it is a tad pricy for an individual but would be great for your employer)

  • Windows & macOS dictation features

Bonis Tips:

Make sure you speak clearly and slowly, always review your dictation for errors, and invest in a decent microphone/headset.

Spelling & Grammar Check Software

There is no greater foe for a dyslexic than the written language. Whoever came up with the rules of grammar and how to spell pneumonia clearly had no idea the kind of trauma they were subjecting dyslexics to!

Software we can't spell without:

  • Grammarly- spell check is a joke when you have dyslexia. Grammarly, on the other hand, is the chef's kiss! It notices spelling AND grammar errors! It even says helpful things like "the word may be incorrect in this context."

  • Google Translate- Drop your text in, then click read, and you will be astonished at how many mistakes you hear that you didn't see! It will help you catch those pesky form/from issues!

  • Alexa/Seri/Google- Don't know how to spell a word (or maybe spell check is saying it does not know what you are trying to spell), ask your closest smart speaker how to spell it!

There is no way to take away dyslexia, but these tech tools will surely decrease your mistakes and stress!

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