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Join over 150 active members in The Hive leveraging our successful dyslexic formula 

The #1 Solution for creating lasting success with adult dyslexia

The Hive

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The Hive is a monthly membership for ambitious adults with dyslexia designed to help you say goodbye to the constant challenges of dyslexia at work and hello to real solutions, lasting change and a new outlook on your success.  

'I have found joining the Hive helpful to understand myself better and hear how others overcome the challenges and take full advantage of the benefits of dyslexia'.

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James Cyber Security Expert: 

You deserve real solutions, to the challenges of dyslexia at work.

You know dyslexia is causing an issue at work, but you don't know how to deal with it.


You know you are capable and intelligent, its just about figuring out how your brain works and what you need to feel smart at work. 

We break down solutions to the common challenges dyslexic people face at work. 


The common challenges we see:


 ❌ Always worrying that you are one mistake away from being 'found out' as an impostor and being fired. 

 ❌ Complete overwhelmed in meetings when your brain can't keep track of all the verbal instructions.

 ❌ Learning new information is terrifying because don't want people to realise how much longer it will take you. 

❌ Knowing you have strengths but they aren't appreciated or you don't know how to use them in your role.

You aren't alone in your experience -

This is exactly what we are here to help with

But... the good news? There are simple ways to minimise the impact of your challenges.

Even see your dyslexic strengths with our successful dyslexic formula

What if there was a way to...
To minimise your dyslexic challenges and start seeing success in three simple steps 

After decades of fighting against my brain...


I realised that I had to approach my work differently because of my dyslexia if I wanted to see success.

It’s exactly how I came to develop the Successful Dyslexic Formula that you will find inside The Hive.


It is designed to help adults with dyslexia in all different fields put an end to struggling to leverage their dyslexic strengths.

The Successful dyslexic formula

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Solutions to the real challenges dyslexic people face. 

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Building back the confidence that dyslexia has stripped form you 

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dyslexic strengths 

Figuring our what your brain is good at, for your job and career

 Our successful dyslexic formula is the foundation of what we teach inside The Hive.

Which has worked for hundreds of adults across the globe to stop struggling and find success in their careers. 

And the best part? We know it can work for you too. 

Our successful formula

No more thinking... 'I can't do that I'm dyslexic',
we teach you, the dyslexic way of working.


You will overcome:

 Feeling like you are going to be 'found out' at

work from your dyslexia' 

❌ Always worrying that you are one big mistake

away from being fired 

You will learn:

 How to get through your work on time, say goodbye to overworking and burnout. 

 You feel clear on what you are good at, no more fearing your next next annual review.

 You had a proven process to improve your working memory and no longer forget important information

 A roadmap to prioritise work effectively and stop procrastinating on your important tasks.

Are you ready to finally take control of your dyslexia?

It's all possible with our proven Successful Dyslexic Formula that has helped hundreds of people just like you let go of the anxiety and frustration of managing dyslexia without solutions. 

Our Monthly Membership

The #1 Solution for creating lasting success with adult dyslexia

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A monthly membership for adults with dyslexia designed to help you work with your dyslexia and create success in the workplace.

Including... Monthly live trainings, our resource vault of shortcuts and solutions, and community support from 100s of adults working through these challenges in real Time!

Our Unique formula


It all started with me...
Natalie the founder of Dyslexia in adults.

I was struggling with my dyslexia and felt alone as everytime I searched dyslexia at work there was nothing.
I needed solutions to my challenges. 

That is how The Hive was born. A place to connect with other dyslexic's and share solutions and approaches that help you create the success I now know is possible. 

Introducing The Hive



  • How to deal with tiredness and dyslexia 

  • Navigating meetings and Dyslexia 

  • How to reduce small dyslexic mistakes 

And so much more added regularly! ​

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1️⃣ Success with Dyslexia Resource Vault

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Value: £1,500

A bank of trainings, resources and guides to help you...


Navigate everything from small daily challenges dyslexia brings to the most difficult parts of dyslexia

2️⃣ Monthly LIVE Virtual Event

Value: £1000

A monthly live, virtual event (always recorded) designed to keep you focused on your mission of gaining control over dyslexia and utilising your potential in your career. 

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Some Past and upcoming Virtual Event Topics include: 

  • How to improve your writing and learn to make it dyslexic strength

  • Dyslexic Burnout: how to avoid it and recover 

  • Assistive tech: best ones to ask for and use 

3️⃣ 24/7 Community Support from Members Who Understand Your Brain

Value: £750

Dyslexia doesn’t need to feel isolating…

Connect with community members, and get on-demand support from others who know what you’re going through,  or may even be a few steps ahead.

Here are some examples of the conversations we dive into inside our community chat: 

  • How to learn to come to the reality of a new dyslexia diagnosis

  • What tools we recommend to manage your to do ist and keep up with everything in your brain. 

  • How to prevent and avoid email overwhelm and stay up to date with inbox management. 

Value of £3250


Take a look inside


Amanda, Artist

I'm so grateful I found the Hive. Being in my late 30s I had no idea my traits and ways of operating had names to it. Being a part of the community discussions, attending workshops and reading the guides have helped me understand and accept myself and feel validated. I'm incredibly grateful.

IMG_3477 - Cat Lucey.jpeg

Cat, Office Manager

The Hive has been a great community for me to lean on when I have faced challenges in the work place. I have really enjoyed the presentations on the variety of topics and the tools box of strategies to highlight my specific skill set.

Are You Ready



 Build systems that work with your brain and are tried and tested by dyslexics 

 Having confidence in your difference and the value it brings 

 Get clear on your dyslexic strengths and their unique value in your career. 


❌ Confusion and frustration on figuring out what works 

❌ Constant fear and embarrassment of being different 

❌ Believing you are not capable or 'useless' because of being dyslexic.


Breaking The Rules 

We created Dyslexia in Adults because of a frustration on what was previously being done to help dyslexic people.


We are breaking so many of the past rules. Dyslexia isn't a superpower, and most importantly no talking about entrepreneurs if you are a lawyer. 


Community Powered

Our systems are tried in tested by those before you, The Hive has been running for 3 years now. 

We Lived These Challenges 

Dyslexia in Adults was born out of a personal struggle, we have lived this challenge.


Its not a theory to us, its real life. This movement is important to us, because we know what it really feels like to struggle and to succeed and we want that change for you.


Global audience

We have a global audience.


We are based in the UK, but our audience is global and most of our content applies to everyone. A small amount of information is UK specific. 

Time poor

We get it, we are all very time poor. So you have limited time to dedicate to a membership. 

We have done our best to keep the information digestible and quick to engage with. 

Chiara, HR Associate

Chiara Profile Picture Square - Chiara H

I have only been a part of the Hive for the last 3 months, but I can honestly say this platform has been revolutionary for me. The Hive has made me aware of so many elements of dyslexia I hadn't even considered before.


I am able to articulate my strengths and challenges much more to my colleagues. I also had a session with Natalie, which helped me realise how my dyslexic strengths play into lots of elements of my role.


I love how The Hive is a friendly community, where no one takes themselves too seriously.


Thank you Dyslexia in Adults!

Get started today and learn our
successful dyslexic formula

The Hive

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