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Join over 150 active members in The Hive leveraging our successful dyslexic formula 

#1 Solution for creating lasting success with adult dyslexia

The Hive

A monthly membership for adults with dyslexia who are ready to say goodbye to the stress and anxiety in the workplace and yes to systems that work, confidence in who you are, and success in your career. 

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 The reality of adult dyslexia... 

If you ever feel like you want to roll your eyes when people talk about making dyslexia your superpower - we get it the challenges are real!! 

But that doesn't mean it has to stand in the way of your success... 

With our successful dyslexic formula not only will you learn how to minimise the impact of the challenges that accompany your dyslexia, but you will FINALLY understand how to turn your
dyslexia into your greatest asset

What if there was a way to...
To minimise your dyslexic challenges and start seeing success in three simple steps 

 Introducing, our three part formula for success with dyslexia: 


Dyslexic challenges make you feel out of control and think you aren't capeable to achieve your career goals but by building systems that work with your brain not against them there is nothing you can't do.




After years of teachers, bosses and people crushing your confidence we teach you how to accept and value your dyslexia. As we believe managing your difference with true confdience is the key to real success with dyslexia.



Learn what dyslexic strengths really mean in adult life and how to build your career around what you 'can do' not what you can't do. Because this is the biggest asset you have if you learn how to unlock it. 

 The successful dyslexic formula has worked for hundreds of adults across the globe to stop struggling and find success in their careers. 

And the best part? We know it can work for you too. 


Instead of 'I can't do that I'm dyslexic', we teach you, 'I'm dyslexic so I can do that, just in a different way'

You will overcome:

  • Feeling like you are going to be 'found out' at work from your dyslexia' 

  • Always worrying that you are one big mistake away from being fired 

  • Panicking when an email goes out without a typo 

You will learn:

  • How to effectively manage your workload and stop working too many hours that result in burnout. 

  • Learn how to stop forgetting important information with working memory approaches 

  • Clarify how to discuss dyslexic strengths in your next interview or annual review. 

Are you ready to finally take control of your dyslexia?

It's all possible when you have our proven Successful Dyslexic Formula that has helped hundreds of people just like you turn their dyslexia into their greatest asset.

A monthly membership for adults with dyslexia designed to help you work with your dyslexia and create success in the workplace.

Including Monthly live trainings, our resource vault of shortcuts and solutions, and community access to other adults working through the membership in real Time!

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 Introducing The Hive 

Our Unique formula

It all started with me, Natalie the founder of Dyslexia in adults. I was struggling with my dyslexia and not getting results from the simple ideas people suggested. I needed more. 

A realisation that simple quick tips isn't enough. But that true success comes from accepting and harnessing our differences. 

That is how The Hive was born. 

A place to share what I learnt and the success I now know was possible. 

What's inside The Hive

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Success with Dyslexia Resource Vault

Value: £1,000

A bank of trainings, resources and guides to help you navigate everything from small daily challenges dyslexia brings to the most difficult parts of dyslexia including... 

  • How to deal with tiredness and dyslexia 

  • Navigating meetings and Dyslexia 

  • How to reduce small dyslexic mistakes 

And so much more added regularly! ​

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Monthly LIVE Virtual Event

Value: £1,500

Keeping you accountable and on-track to achieve your goals!

A monthly live, virtual event (always recorded) designed to keep you focused on your mission that brought you to the hive in the first place - creating meaningful life changes both inside & out of the workplace with your dyslexia. We cover a combination of topics in these live events focused on helping you create change in how you manage dyslexia AND how you feel about it.

Some Past and upcoming Virtual Event Topics include: 

  • How to improve your writing and learn to make it dyslexic strength

  • TIme blindness: learning how to stay on time

  • Assistive tech: best ones to ask for and use 

We do our best to choose topics that are both timeless and specific so that you always leave feeling seen, supported, and with actionable steps to carry forward into you day-to-day life.

24/7 Community Support from Members Who Get Your Brain

Value: £750

Dyslexia doesn’t need to feel isolating…

Connect with community members inside our Member’s-only forum, and get on-demand support from others who know what you’re going through, are walking the same path, and who may even be a few steps ahead and able to lend a helping hand! 


Not to mention, you have access to our dedicated team members inside The Hive who are ready to support you with specific guidance to help speed up your transformation.

Here are some examples of the conversations we dive into inside our community chat: 

  • How to learn to come to the reality of a new dyslexia diagnosis

  • What tools we recommend to manage your to do ist and keep up with everything in your brain. 

  • How to prevent and avoid email overwhelm and stay up to date with inbox management. 

The best part about being a member of our community is the access to the other incredible members. You are always just a message away from the support and guidance you need to keep making progress with your dyslexia. ​

All of this for £3250


Signs The Hive is for you

You are ready to... 


  • Confusion and frustration on figuring out what works 

  • Constant fear and embarrasement of being different 

  • Believing you are not capable or 'useless' because of being dyslexic


  • Build systems that work with your brain and are tried and tested by dyslexics 

  • Having confidence in your difference and the value it brings 

  • Get clear on your dyslexic strengths and their unique value in your career. 




We created Dyslexia in Adults because of a frustration on what was previously being done to help dyslexic people so we are breaking so many of the past rules. No Dyslexia is a superpower, not just quick hacks and tips that get you nowhere and most importantly no talking about entrepreneurs if you are a lawyer and



Our systems are tried in tested by those before you, The Hive has been running for 3 years now and we have a community of 100,000 dyslexics giving us advice and feedback on what doesn't work and most importantly what does.


Dyslexia in Adults was born out of a personal struggle, we have lived this challenge and understand the unique complexities. Its not a theory to us, its real life. This movement is important to us, because we know what it really feels like to struggle and to succeed and we want that change for you.

Get started today and learn our
successful dyslexic formula

The Hive

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