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Why We Need Dyslexia Awareness Month

Happy Dyslexia Awareness Month (insert fireworks here)! We are so excited to bring you a month full of educational content, community, and support! We have some pretty cool things planned over the next 30 days and thought we could kick off the month by talking about why people with dyslexia need Dyslexia Awareness Month!

Not Everyone Knows What Dyslexia is

Pretty crazy thought, right? Dyslexia only affects around 20% of the population; not everyone knows what it is or its impacts on someone's life. Dyslexia Awareness Month gives us dyslexics (and our allies) a chance to spread the word about what dyslexia is (and is not).

Shaping the Narrative Around Dyslexia

"Oh, so you read backward." How many times have you heard that statement when telling someone about your dyslexia? The narrative is that people with dyslexia are not as bright, can't read, lack motivation, and are 'dumb.' As dyslexics, we need Dyslexia Awareness Month to help us combat these unhelpful, degrading, and old-fashioned ideas.

A Time to Highlight Your Strengths

Now is the time to brag about all the incredible strengths of being Dyslexic! Most employers, coworkers, and partners have only ever heard the negative side of dyslexia. So share all the 'fun facts about strengths like narrative thinking or dynamic reasoning. Need help finding some strengths, check out our blog on Finding & Accepting Dyslexic Strengths or our blog on Common Traits of Successful Dyslexics.

How to spread awareness for dyslexia:

  • Add something to your email signature (example: #MadeByDyslexia, This email was written by someone with dyslexia, expect big ideas and some spelling errors).

  • Add Dyslexic Thinking to your LinkedIn Skills.

  • Talk to your boss/employer about hosting a lunch and learn about the topic.

  • Attend dyslexia awareness events

  • Share this blog!

If you want to learn more about how dyslexia affects adults, download our FREE guide, What is Dyslexia?

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