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Right from Left while Driving

Tips for knowing what direction to turn while driving

You have dyslexia, so we are willing to bet that you have run into this situation before. You are driving and someone is giving you directions, and they say, "turn left here," and then the panic sets in. What direction is right, and what is left? You are busy trying to figure it out, then, oops... you missed the turn completely.

This is a widespread situation that driving dyslexics find themselves in. If you have chosen not to drive, this article might still be helpful (also, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to drive). Here are some quick, easy, and practical ways to help you figure out right from left while driving.


Ware one piece of jewelry consistently on the same hand. Think, "I always wear my wedding ring on my left hand ."Then all you have to do is look to see what hand your ring is on!


Take some tiny stickers on your car's dash ,and then write an "R" on one and an "L" on the other. Then put those stickers on the dash. This will make it quick for you to look at and see which is which


If you have a navigator/someone giving you directions, ask them to point while they say the direction! We are visual people, so this will ensure you go in the correct direction. This is also good advice if you are giving directions. Just tell the driver to go the way you point, not the way you say.


Ok, we know tattoos are not for everyone, but if you feel bold and are a fan of tattoos, why not get an "R" on your right hand/arm and an "L" on your left hand/arm. This way, no matter where you are, you have a permanent reminder.

Make an L:

Just kidding, we know making an "L" with your thumb, and index finger is a piece of junk advice. Being dyslexic, we can't tell which direction the "L" is supposed to go.

Best of luck driving or giving directions. Remember being dyslexic does not mean you are dumb.

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