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How to Turn an Idea into a Powerpoint

We had a Hive member ask this question recently:

"I struggle to take my ideas from visions (and turn them) into a digital format like PowerPoint. I struggle to get started. On my own, I really struggle and get upset. Anyone doing anything interesting to help using tech?"

The Hive jumped in with some really helpful tips, and we thought we would share some of them; we are not trying to gatekeep here!

Just Get it Down:

When you have an idea and need to turn it into a presentation, the best place to start is by just getting it out of your head. Most of The Hive recommended using paper, a mind map, or a whiteboard to create. We are visual people, so take that idea from pictures in your mind and turn it into actual images.

Start Big, then Get Small:

Don't worry about the details at the start. Begin with your big picture, then zoom down. Your ideas do not have to be complete sentences or even in words. Keep drilling down deeper and deeper as you develop your framework.

  • Presentation Goal: Educate people about zoos.

  • Topics to cover: Keepers, Animals, Costs, Volunteers, Animal Rehabilitation

  • Data you want to share: Annual number of visitors to the zoo, annual revenue and donations, number of animals in the zoo, successful rehabilitation. Etc.

  • Key Sections: Animals, Visitors, Staff

Chunk the Work:

Creating a presentation is considerable work and can feel impossible. Chunk the work into different sections or tasks so that creating a presentation feels less daunting.

Task 1: Get the ideas out of your head

Task 2: Organize those ideas & form an outline

Task 3: Get the words on the presentation

Task 4: Do the design work (aka make it look pretty)

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