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Chat GPT: A Game-Changer for Individuals with Dyslexia

If you have dyslexia, ChatGPT is an exciting and fun way to improve your reading and writing skills! ChatGPT combines the power of chat-based sessions with advanced artificial intelligence techniques to provide personalized, supportive, and non-intimidating feedback. Imagine being able to communicate with a virtual tutor who can understand your unique challenges and provide customized support to help your progress. With chatGPT, you can learn at your own pace and in a way that works best for you. Plus, the interactive exercises and games make learning fun and engaging. Don't let dyslexia hold you back- give ChatGPT a try and see how it can make a difference!

Ok, I have to be 100% honest. I didn't write a single word of that. That whole paragraph was created by an AI program called ChatGPT by OpenAI. Today we'll quickly dive into what chatGPT is and how it can help dyslexics.

What is ChatGPT, and what can it do?

Well, you already know what ChatGPT is because of the into they wrote, but in our words, it's pretty much an AI that can write you anything. When we say anything, we mean ANYTHING.

Need a dinner recipe tonight? Type in "Dinner recipe that includes a can of tomatoes, a potato, and ground beef." Then give it a moment, and it will probe you with an option. Don't like that option, hit the try again button.

Need to send an email? Type, "Write a quick email to Linda letting her know that Q2 reports will be late because I am waiting on Dave's Reports."

Don't like how informal that is? Ask for a change in tone.