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August Masterclass: Guy Ingham

How embracing your dyslexia can lead to success.

This month we had an incredible Masterclass hosted by Guy Ingham, who runs the Shaped by Dyslexia Instagram account. Guy talks us through his journey with dyslexia and the consequences of ignoring it.

"Dyslexia is only one aspect of who I am; I am a father, a businessman, and there are a lot of other ingredients that make up me, and dyslexia is only one of them. "

As a child, Guy was a very quiet kid and a late speaker. He often relied on his sisters to finish his sentences. Guy struggled with the details and was always more of a creative individual. As Guy moved through his educational journey, he had a strategy of just ignoring and hiding his dyslexia. He tried to compensate through hard work and putting in long hours.

Guy struggled when he started his professional career. Guy fell back into his old strategy of ignoring his dyslexia and tried to hide it from his colleagues. He felt embarrassed and tried to 'fix' his dyslexia by putting in long hours. Those long hours led to burnout.

Burnout left Guy questioning a lot. He took some time off to reevaluate what he was doing and how he approached work. At one point even considered leaving a profession that he loved. Luckily he had collages and a family there to support him. He chose to be open about his dyslexia.

Choosing to be open about dyslexia marked a pivot for him. Guy started saying no to things he struggled with and asking for help. His speaking up for himself naturally affected his team and company. Younger team members felt empowered to ask for help, and senior collages spoke up about their struggles.

Speaking out about his struggles changed not just his own life but also the lives of others. Guy is a perfect example of how one dyslexic person can make a difference for those around them.

Guy started to see his dyslexia as a strength. He leaned into what he was good at, which ultimately led him to become a partner in a Development Firm. He stopped fighting with his dyslexia and was able to take hold of his future.

"Dyslexia is really difficult to understand because it is something happening in the brain we are just starting to grips with. I struggle with understanding how dyslexic I am."

Guy is a shining example of how embracing dyslexia can change your life. We are grateful that Guy was so giving with his time and are thankful that he was able to be our August Masterclass speaker.

If you are interested in joining our Masterclasses, you can learn more about the Hive and its benefits HERE.

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