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5 Ways to Get Your Dyslexic Brain Back into Work After the Holidays

So you just enjoyed a fantastic vacation, and it is time to get back to the office grind! Are you feeling anxious yet?

Returning to work is more challenging for dyslexics than for those without it. During your holiday, you probably were not forced to do the things dyslexics typically struggle with. So when you go back to work and are forced to take notes or remember instructions (hello, working memory), it will take a bit before those things feel less stressful!

1. Make a plan for emails:

Nothing is worse than being inundated with meetings, office chitchat, and circle-back emails when your trying to get reset and back in the flow of working.

Before you even get into the office, come up with a plan for your emails; an example strategy:

  • Read through all your emails and hit Delete (or Archive) on as many as possible.

  • Go back through your emails and respond to all the easy ones (think one sentence or less).

  • Next, look for any meetings you need to set

  • Finally, tackle the remaining emails, but take your time.

2. Eat a Frog:

Procrastination is a big problem for us dyslexics; turning our big-picture brains toward all the little details that inevitably fall through the cracks is very challenging.

So, when you get back to work, start with the thing that you are dreading the MOST! By tackling the big stuff first, you jump-start your brain toward challenging tasks and avoid the frustration that dyslexic fatigue brings.

3. Take Breaks:

We can not stress this enough! MOVE YOUR BODY and drink water! It sounds silly, but taking breaks and moving your body is critical to dyslexic success.

Your brain needs brakes (genuine brakes away from work) to work at its peak performance. Breaks are vital for peak performance.

4. Delegate:

Willing to bet that you always feel the need to do it all! When you get back into the swing of things after the holidays, it is more important than ever to fight the dyslexic need to prove yourself! We tend to overwork ourselves and suffer from burnout faster than others. Avoid all those things by balancing your workload.

When you get back into the office, try (your best) to delegate! Offload small nagging tasks that take up your precious mental load. This could be things like asking the admin to send your mail out, having co-workers set meetings, or asking others to respond to big group emails (so you don't have to)

5. Be Kind to yourself :

Remember that you are coming off a holiday break where your brain is not forced to do tasks that it struggles with. Going back to work is hard for everyone, not just those who are neuro-spicy. So be kind as your brain slowly reboots back to work mode. Take breaks when you need to, and make sure to treat yourself!

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