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The Hive May Events

What events we have coming up for Hive Members this month!

We are so excited about the start of May because that means new Hive events! Every month we host three events, the Dyslexia Masterclass, Dyslexia Spotlight, and Dyslexia Discussed. If you want to learn more about each of those events, take a peek at THIS blog!

What exactly are we talking about this month? Our primary focus is diversity and acceptance. Want a sneak peek at each of the events, keep reading!

Dyslexia Masterclass- May 10th

In our May masterclass, we are so excited to have Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi joining us from BCohCo to talk about all things diversity! We are going to focus on why hiring a variety of different types of people, like dyslexics, can really benefit a company. We will be teaching you how to sell your strengths at work better.

Dyslexia Discussed- May 18th

A community favorite, we are hosting two dyslexia discussed sessions (one for UK members and one for US members). One of the biggest things that people struggle with is accepting their dyslexic strengths. We want to tap into why that is and how we can change it!

Dyslexia Spotlight- May 30th

Suzi, one of our Hive community members, has offered to share with us this month for the Dyslexia Spotlight! We could not be more thrilled to hear about their journey and strengths! These spotlights always help show us how other normal people (non-celebrities) live and thrive with dyslexia.

We look forward to seeing all the Hive members at our events this month, be sure to sign up for the events via the links sent in the WhatsApp! If you are not a Hive member now is the time to join!

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