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Positives of Dyslexia on Relationships

Finding the good parts of having dyslexia

How does dyslexia affect your relationships with others? Does it make you a better partner, a worse employee, or a more 'scatty' friend?

This month for our Dyslexia Discussion session, we talked about the positive effects that our dyslexia has on our partners, co-workers, friends, and family. While these talks tend to run the gambit, we did find a few consistent positives that dyslexia brings to relationships.

Extreme Empathy

The dyslexic struggle is not a fun one, but one thing all that suffering in school and social situations has taught us is kindness. Empathy allows us to approach our co-workers, employees, kids, and others with our most generous interpretation.

Knowing How to Read a Situation

People with dyslexia pick up on subtle cues that others exhibit (whether conscious or not); we can tell when someone is struggling, in pain, or going through something hard. This skill is part empathy and part pattern recognition. We can tell when something is different and often know when and how to check in on those we care about.

Strong Problem-Solving Skills

Strong problem-solving skills can be a double edge sword. Dyslexics are naturally inquisitive and big picture thinkers. Bosses and co-workers love that we see things in different ways. It is also extremely satisfying to fix something others can't. The only rough side is that sometimes our problem-solving skills can cause us to take on too much work.

Every person with dyslexia is on their own journey. Learning more about the positive impacts on your life can change your feelings and how you view others. Sally, one of our Hive members, said something enlightening.

"I winged my way through life. Now that I know I am dyslexic, it allows me to relate and understand my also dyslexic partner better."

If you are not a member of the Hive but want to learn more about how you can change your perspective, click HERE. If you are already a Hive member, remember to check out the Hive Resources, we are constantly updating it with new tools, tips, tricks, and perspectives.

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