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July Master Class: Author Cheryl Isaacs

Cheryl Isaacs, Chartered Psychologist, Director of, and author of Adult Dyslexia: Unleashing you Limitless Power, joined us for our July Masterclass. Cheryl wrote her book Adult Dyslexia to share and help adult dyslexics. She comments that a lot of the literature that was out there for adult dyslexics was vague and not helpful. Often full of comments like "try and stay more organised" but not practical advice on how to achieve being more organised.

During our hour-long conversation with Cheryl, we talked about what Nero-diversity looks like from a psychologist's perspective, some remarkable stories, and why understanding dyslexia is essential. We can not thank Cheryl enough for her time and knowledge; we are truly honored.

Our biggest takeaway comes in the form of a quote from Cheryl herself.

"When you have the information, and you really understand it, it can be a very empowering, especially with dyslexia, where understanding your strengths is crucial."

We can not agree with this statement enough! Understanding your dyslexia, how it affects you, and what your strengths are is key to finding success.

If you are a Hive member and have not gotten the chance to watch the video recording, you can see the whole video in the resource hub (or via the link in the weekly Hive email). If you aren't a member but want to join (so, you can watch this and other excellent past guest speakers), click THIS LINK to sign up! We can't thank Cheryl Isaacs enough for being generous with her time and knowledge.

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