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Feeling Dyslexic & Dyslexic Feelings

Recognizing you are not alone in your insecurities

In our December masterclass, we talked about how dyslexia makes us feel about ourselves, the negative impact of those feelings, and what we can do to change our perspectives.

Common feelings Dyslexics Have:

  • Negative self-image

  • Anxiety around work/writing

  • Fear of failure

Root Cause of these feelings:

  • Constantly Struggling: The thousands of small mistakes you make are constant, and you never have a moment to process them (because they are constant).

  • Building our Identity: We build our identities as people in primary school. All the struggles we endure cause self-doubt and low self-esteem.

  • Our Determination: While seen as a benefit, sometimes our determination does not allow us to become comfortable with failure.

How to manage these feelings:

  • Radical Acceptance: Accept you for who you are, for the bad and the good.

  • Let Go: Cry if you need to cry! Let your emotions out! If you are a hive member feel free to pop your struggles in your groups.

  • See 360: You are not the sum of your total mistakes. Find the positives and hold them just as firmly as you do your failures.

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