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Dyslexia Spotlight Suzi D

Each month the Hive is host to a Dyslexia Spotlight. This is an event where we ask one of our community members to come up and talk to the rest of us about their dyslexic journey and strengths.

This month we hosted Suzi D., a Crime Scene Investigator diagnosed as a dyslexic a little later in life. Suzi not only talked about her strengths but got us thinking about how we share the same strengths.

We had 3 major takeaways:

1. Make systems that work for you

Suzi struggled for years with her dyslexia and had no clue that was the cause of her struggle. She looked back and asked herself, "How did I make it through?" that was when she realized she had been building systems that worked for her for years.

2. Radical Acceptance

When Suzi makes a spelling mistake at work, it counts against her and even means she could be deemed non-competent in her role. She relies on spell check to stop these kinds of mistakes, but when they sneak up, she accepts them and moves on.

3. Make Lists

Suzi routinely goes to crime scenes and has a lot she needs to accomplish while there. While every scene is different, they are often overwhelming. Suzi has created a list that allows her to break a chaotic environment into organized pieces. She has a list of things she needs to check for does not change (ex, Look for glass, fibers, blood patterns, footwear marks, etc.). By creating a checklist, she can efficiently do her job and not miss anything important.

We all see different dyslexic talents in ourselves. The strengths Suzi relies upon most are:

  • Good Problem Solvers

  • Curious/Observant

  • Hight Level of Empath

  • Excellent Big Picture Thinkers

We learned so much more from Suzi than just the highlights above! If you are a hive member, check the hub for a full video! Thank you so much, Suzi, for not only telling us about your career but for showing us how your dyslexia makes you better at what you do!

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