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Dyslexia Spotlight Hannah J

Learning the strengths of Hive Members

We were so lucky during our Dyslexic Spotlight this month to hear from community member Hannah J! Hannah is a Delivery Project Manager in the tech industry from Derbyshire and a proud mother!

Hannah has had a really inspiring story! She was diagnosed at 35 with dyslexia and decided that she wanted to learn more about how it was impacting her life and why she was struggling!

After a few months of being a hive member, she shared this message in our WhatsApp group.

"I woke up today feeling super positive and reflecting on my dyslexic strengths. I used to focus so much on just wishing I could spell, do maths, drive better, tell the time, etc., but this community has helped me realise I have so many positives and special gifts like good communication, critical thinking, ideas, determination, etc.!"

After that comment, we just had to have her as our next spotlight!

Three strengths we learned from Hannah:

  1. Connecting the dots between lots of pieces of information or different options is easy and allows us to be better at managing multi-step projects.

  2. After years of bouncing back, we have extreme resilience that pushes us to move through challenges.

  3. Being a people person! Dyslexics have great soft skills that can help you get the most out of the people you work with!

Thanks again so much to Hannah J for being March'sMarch's Dyslexia Spotlight!

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