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Dyslexia in Adults Summit

End the Negative Outlook of Dyslexia

On 14/3/22, Natalie Hosted the first-ever Dyslexia in Adults Summit titled End the Negative Outlook of Dyslexia! Over 200 people signed up to change their perspectives on dyslexia, and they got a little taste of the types of content the Hive gets weekly! The hour-long summit covered so much we thought we would run through some of the highlights.

Have you ever wished you could take a magic pill and make your dyslexia go away?

Natalie asked attendees to answer a poll on this question, and it was a 50%/50% split on giving up dyslexia. She then challenged us with another tricky question.

Have you ever considered the positives you would be giving up?

Being dyslexic, we usually quickly point out all the things that we do wrong, but what we see less often is the things we do well.

A few examples Natalie touched on:

  1. The ability to simplify ideas. We take hard, big concepts and boil them down to their essential points to share with others.

  2. Pattern recognition, not just in puzzles. We can see patterns in our friend's dating habits, the schedule of our boss, and so much more.

  3. We are empathetic. We have struggled so much through school and life that we have developed a strong sense of empathy for others struggling around us.

You can't take away dyslexia, but you can change your perspective.

Natalie also talked us through the three steps to change our outlook and set ourselves up for success.

  1. Understand what it means to have a negative view of dyslexia.

  2. Learn why that negative view isn't helping you and has to stop.

  3. See the other side, what life can be like once you have created change.

Natalie covered all that and more in the first 15 minutes of the summit. This was indeed a fantastic first summit! If you are a Hive member and missed the summit, you can watch a replay in the Hive Resource section. If you are not a Hive member but are interested in learning more about the Hive or joining the Hive, click here!

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