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Dyslexia Co-Occurances

Having more than one neuro diversity isn’t being greedy, it’s reality.

Dyslexia co-occurs, that is the rule rather than the exception. So if you want to understand yourself you need to understand what is going on.

The best way to think of it, you are a cocktail and everyone makes their mojito differently.

ADHD: A difficulty regulating attention, so either you get hyper-fixated on something or can’t force your brain to be interested.

Dyscalculia: A challenge with numbers, which often presents in adults as a difficulty to count backwards

Dyspraxia (DCD): Impacts coordination and spatial awareness. A common sign of this is using fine motor skills such as getting dressed like zippers or putting on makeup.

Autism: Is a spectrum that affects how people interact and communicate with the world.

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