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Dyslexia & "I Can't"

Challenging your negative perception of dyslexia

Is I can't a phrase that maybe you have got a bit too familiar with? thinking that dyslexia is only something that limits you.

"I can't" is a phrase that leaves our dyslexic mouths too often. We can, and we do whatever we set out to accomplish. This negative perspective has to shift, as all it does is hold us back.

There are dyslexic authors, so why can't you write a book? What makes you any different than them? Oh, they have an editor? So do you; it's called google, or a trusted friend. A dyslexic person literally wrote the words that you are reading.

There are dyslexic CEOs, so why can't you strive to run a company? What makes them better than you? Nothing, gain the experience and be confident. Ask for that raise, become the boss, and embrace dyslexia.

There are dyslexic entrepreneurs, so why can't you start that business you have been dreaming about? What makes you unable to succeed? You, so get out of your way and get to work. This community is owned and run by a regular dyslexic person.

So let us shift the negative narrative and make a pact. The next time we say, "I can't because I am dyslexic," we are going to see it as a challenge.

Being dyslexic means, we are hard workers, problem solvers, and masters of breaking down big concepts. Let them call us stubborn; that's fine. We will be out here succeeding at anything we want.

We aren't saying dyslexia isn't tough, that it doesn't suck sometimes. What we are saying is that holding onto that negative outlook does basically nothing to help you get where you need to go. No lie, it will be a struggle and a lot of work, but we made it through primary school; we can make it through almost anything.

Read all of this and noding? Then we have something exciting coming for you.

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