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A membership for dyslexic adults to help you create a toolkit for success at work. 

The Hive



Stop feeling overwhelmed by dyslexia by learning the systems to minimise your struggles,

so you feel capable to go for that promotion. 



Get clear on how dyslexic strengths are a value for you. Learn why dyslexia is an exciting opportunity to land you that dream job. 


That feeling of being stupid still can hold you back. Letting go of these emotions stops you from procrastinating so you take on the challenges that used to scare you. 

Get clear on how to manage dyslexic challenges and
don't let dyslexia be the reason you don't achieve your goals.

The Hive

Membership includes:

 Resource vault  

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A library of videos and guides explaining dyslexic strengths, clarifying dyslexic traits, and breaking down how to navigate dyslexic challenges. To help you create the systems you need to reach your potential.

Connect with our community who are also working through the same challenges. Speeding up your transformation with specific advice.

 Online Events 

Deep dive on topics from confidence with dyslexia to slow processing. Events are hosted by guest experts and Natalie to upskill your systems and teaching you a toolkit to manage dyslexia at work.

 Our Community 

Dyslexia in Adults Natalie

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Saving you over £220 vs paying monthly!

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The Hive

An overview of what we cover: 

What assistive technology is most useful 

How to gain confidence with dyslexia despite the challenges

How to deal with criticism after school impacted your confidence

How to stay organised with dyslexia 

What is working memory and how to create systems to stop forgetting important information 

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Annual Membership 

£199 till Sunday

Saving 220 vs paying monthly 

Monthly Membership 

per month

Flexible option

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