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work playbook

End your fear of being fired and unlock your potential for promotion


Our Playbook

Module One: Discussing dyslexia 

Discussing dyslexia in the workplace can be tricky. Let me give you scripts of how to have these conversations with confidence to ensure that you get the best results.

 Disclosing dyslexia 

Talking about dyslexia can be embarrasing and getting it right isn't easy. Use my sample script to get the best results and support you need. 

 Dyslexic Mistakes 

There is nothing worse than that moment when
you make a mistake with dyslexia. Let me make
that easier by giving you a script to handle it.

Creating change

Dyslexia is a difference in processing information, that difference comes with positives and negatives. Remember that you are worth bearing with your challenges.

Handling Dyslexia

Module Two: Handling Dyslexia 

Our Playbook

Let me teach you systems and solutions that work for your brain. What I have learnt is that systems that work is more than technology, so I discuss everything that worked.

 The right work place 
No technology will fix the wrong work environment.

 Support that works:
Here is how to use this guide. Things to think about and information to consider. 

 Negative view of dyslexia: 
Let me teach you how to change your view of dyslexia.

Creating change

Changing the way you handle dyslexia and how you view it isn't easy but it is necessary.
Try each day to make one small change and before you realise it you'll not recognise the person who used to struggle.

Our Playbook

Module Three: Mastering Strengths

Let me teach you about dyslexic strengths, but also how to start seeing them as everyday.

 Breaking down strengths 

Dyslexic strengths can sometimes feel hard to understand, let me break them down simply and give you real life examples. 

 Believing strengths 

It is one of the best times ever to be dyslexic, it is about time you started harnessing your
dyslexic strengths. 

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