Confidence with Dyslexia

It's time you reached your potential


One to One Coaching


This 6-week container is for ambitious dyslexics who want to level up their approach to dyslexia. Focusing on creating confidence and a better understanding of dyslexic strenghts 

 Topic's of Focus: 

  • Finding and unlocking your dyslexic strengths

  • Understanding how dyslexic strengths can help you reach your potential.

  • Restructure your daily systems to set you up for success

  • Creating belief in yourself and your abilities 

  • Supporting you to take a big step and create change (change careers, go for a promotions etc) 

  • & much more 

This program is all about ending the negative view of dyslexia and having confidence in being dyslexic. 

What's included:

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 Hive Resources: 

 6 x 1:1 Hourly calls: 

 Voxer Support: 

Access to The Hive Resource Vault to give you information on how to create systems and habits that work for you.

 £150 Value 

Calls are structured around your needs and goals. We will clarify your strengths, end your negative outlook on dyslexia and encourage you to live up to your potential.

 £1000 Value 

Inbetween calls voxer support to keep you on track and to help with any day to day tasks

 £500 Value 


The current coaching package is £750 for pay in full or two payments of £399

If your application is successful I will email you inviting you to arrange a intro call to discuss further if this program is for you.